2 hurt in Pattaya construction-site crash

The gaping 3-meter deep trench at a construction site on Soi Bua Khao beckons pedestrians and motorcyclists to dive into the depths for a swim and some bloodshed.

Two people were hurt when they drove their motorbike into an open trench in Pattaya.
The unidentified victims suffered only minor injuries when their bike plunged into the water-filled, three-meter deep hole in the road, part of a construction site on Soi Buakhao at Soi 15.

The street is blocked off, but work crews created a small detour path for pedestrians and motorbikes near the Grand Avenue Hotel.
Witnesses said the ground under the bike collapsed as it traversed the detour.

The wheel of the submerged motorbike and the sole of a boot can be seen at the bottom of the deadly pit.

Paramedics rescue a motor biker from the murky depths of the pit and rush him off to a hospital for treatment.