2 arrested for theft of Russian tourist’s purse

Pattaya police for arrested the thieves who snatched Russian tourist Larisa Sobolevskaia’s Balenciaga handbag and returned it to her, unfortunately her money and valuables were gone.

Pattaya police arrested two men who allegedly stole the purse of a Russian tourist.
Pitak Dungsawat, 23, and Peerayuth Lungin, 22, were apprehended separately March 2, a day after they used a motorbike to allegedly snatched a Balenciaga handbag from Larisa Sobolevskaia, 48, as she walked back to her hotel from a convenience store on Naklua Soi 18/1.

Inside the purse was a 35,000-baht mobile phone, 3,000 baht cash and Russian rubles. Police recovered only the handbag.

Police used CCTV video to track the pair to a parcel delivery store on Soi Wat Sawang Fa 3 in Naklua. Only Pitak was there. Police said he confessed and quickly ratted out his partner, who was arrested shortly after with the purse.

The two claimed it was the first time they robbed anyone, police said, but their story was not believed.