160 youths learn practices of 5 religions

The group’s first stop was Pattaya’s Sikh Temple.

More than 160 Bangkok youths learned about religious tolerance and co-existing peacefully at five-religion camp in Pattaya.

The youths – followers of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism – were brought to Pattaya by the Culture Ministry’s Department of Religious Affairs to educate youngsters on the tenants and practices of other religions in hopes it will inspire unity and peace among believers of other religions.

The group’s first stop March 25 was Pattaya’s Sikh Temple where Chairman Amarit Singh Karla spoke about Sikh doctrines and had the youths join in on chanting, eating a vegetarian meal together and learn about Sikh dress and lifestyle.

Next stop was the Darul Ibadah Mosque were advisor Seree Makaudsa explained various Islamic practices, including the “brazukh” funeral rites.

The youngsters remained in Pattaya through March 28, making visits to the Christian Redemptorist Church, Hindu Temple and Buddhist Yansangwararam Woramahawihan Temple.

Buddhist, Christ, Islamic, Hindu, and Sikhism youths gather to learn in harmony.
Youths from 5 religions participate in learning Islamic practices at Darul Ibadah Mosque, Pattaya.