You can’t live on gratitude forever



Re: Be careful what you tweet (PM Mailbag Friday, 12 July 2013) – There is no doubt America is a great & powerful nation. When the rest of the world was on their knees the US mobilised their war machine and came to the rescue. But you can’t live on gratitude forever. With their bullish attitude they have now alienated most of the world. Spied on other countries & created tension with China’s handling of Snowden (now old news).

For years they have rode rough shod over Latin America, arming some & invading others. They are now accused of spying on Brazil who is their 4th largest trading partner, Venezuela is their 4th largest petroleum supplier. With Nicaragua talking of a new canal 3 times longer then the Panama being financed jointly with China things could cause more tension for US.

Closer to my home, Telstra has been accused of supplying information to the NSA. There is talk of US marines deploying in Darwin. This is a blatant raspberry to China. However, we recently conducted joint military exercises with China (China is one of our major trading partners).

The US came to our rescue in ‘42 and we have followed them into most of their wars since. With America’s attitude, South America could become their next Vietnam, covertly armed by China. America is at a crossroad and is not sure which road to take. I wish them luck and hope they pick the straight & narrow.

Aussie Bill