Aussies find form in challenge match warm-up


The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Friday, July 19, Crystal Bay – Stableford

What a great day for golf – not too hot and an overcast sky, just fantastic!  With 6 groups playing at Crystal Bay A and B off the whites for a change, the course was in good condition apart from all the sprinkler heads which were leaking like sieves and it made for some sloppy walking unless you made a very large detour. 

We welcomed the boys from Australia who were in town for their annual match against the Caddyshack, and they seemed to be on their game as they took four of the top five places.  The only ones from the Billabong who got close was Eng Cotterell while Kiwi Bill got knocked off on a count back for fourth by Mel McGowan, both on 35 points.  Third place went to the aforementioned lady Eng, second place to Ian (Squeaky) Cleverley with 39 points and first was taken by Jason Barnett with a fabulous 71 gross for 42 points off his six-handicap.

(From left to right): Jason Barnett, Mel McGowan, Eng Cotterell and ‘Squeaky’ Cleverley.(From left to right): Jason Barnett, Mel McGowan, Eng Cotterell and ‘Squeaky’ Cleverley.

Jason also got the only ‘2’of the day and the word was he was buying the grog  for the night.  We will see you again for another hit before you go home boys good luck in your tournament.

Note:  The Billabong golf bar is situated just off Siam Country Club Road looking straight down Lake Maprachan.  Give Bob a call on 082 204 3411.