Yim Yom footpath



I refer to your article in the Pattaya Mail 20 March 2015 with headlines: Yim Yom footpath made usable again. Well the attached photo shows the actual situation as of 24 March 2015. The work has not been completed and what bricks that have been laid is back to where it was before after it has vehicle traffic over it.

The bricks were re-laid on uncompacted sand and without properly prepared foundations to the whole area and will deteriorate further. Does City Hall not have a plate compactor to prepare the soil properly for the relaying the bricks? Also if the footpath is to be used for vehicle traffic then sand for the foundation is not adequate. It should have road base for the foundations so the bricks are relayed on a solid base.

This is just one of many projects that has no proper planning nor supervision.

Terry Hodgkiss

(Retired registered builder (Australia)