Baht should be in 35 to 38 range



Is anybody reading the paper lately? Every indication is pointing in the ‘poor lane’ where the economy is concerned, and yet the BOT still continues to keep the Baht in a position that would result in a fail in Econ 101. Just who and what is the reason for this debacle (a rhetorical question)? The Baht should now be in the 35 to 38 zone until Thailand can show and prove it deserves to be stronger, which it cannot do today. This should not be a ‘keeping up with the Jones’ or to save face, which is just another way of saying “if you don’t say anything, and I don’t say anything negative, it isn’t happening”. A real head scratcher and the top boys had better take heed and start listening and accepting that things are not right. Choke Dee.

Hyde Parke


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