Will Jomtien 2nd Road sidewalks ever be acceptable?



Years ago, when I first came to Jomtien, 2nd Road (previously Thappraya Road) was partly without a proper surface and the sidewalks were just natural soil and in the rainy season more or less unusable. Then all of a sudden work began to asphalt the surface and not long after stones were laid down on the sidewalks. It was almost a luxury not to have to walk in the road with its heavy traffic.

Not long after the results of inadequate craftsmanship became clear. Stones started to sink in and one had to be very careful not to trip over the now again uneven surface. More than one year ago, for unknown reasons, somebody had the idea to dig up huge holes every ten, twenty metres on the left and right sidewalk from Royal Hill down past Jomtien Market. These holes remained unprotected for a long time, then some had red-and-white painted bamboo stick-fences and although this is about one year ago, nothing has happened, nothing has changed to improve the situation.

Not only is this a shame for a place whose politicians consider it equal to the Riviera it is also back onto the road and the traffic which makes walking rather a hazardous experience.

Is there any hope that the sidewalks will be ever in an acceptable state again?

Hans F. Brennecke