Illegal beach shanties



Free enterprise in Thailand can provide a possible income for those people with a good business idea and who are willing to work. It is a cornerstone of the economy, necessary for the survival of so many. But this must be done with respect, and when an individual or company begins a business that is not appropriate in a certain area, it must be regulated.

Directly across the Police Box at Sigma Hotel on Jomtien Beach Road past Soi 19 is Cocktails Bar. This shack of a structure not only blasts music late into the night and early morning, disturbing visitors and residents, it is right on the beach, on the sand, so very illegal. Yet despite many complaints to the police and City Hall about the noise and illegal venue, the illegal shanty continues to exist and operate daily with its oversized speakers.

Why doesn’t City Hall and the police enforce building and business regulations and close this business?

Respectfully submitted by

Sir William of Doodadshire