Will high season be a disaster?



Re: Ministry of Tourism set to lure back tourists (PM Friday, 02 October 2015) – So Pattaya wants tourists? As a resident of Pattaya and as a farang man I know it is not my country but I have made a significant personal effort to learn the Thai language, invested significantly in Pattaya property and tried to be respectful of Thai culture.

But you want tourists? Get out a broom and clean the place up. Make some simple, sensible, management decisions, do something once and in accordance with good tender and construction practices. Maintain assets. Engage engineers conversant with best design practices of those assets that hard earned Thai baht are spent on. Respect the foreign tourist that respects Thailand. Weed out corruption and invoke harsh punishment for those who offend.

Will Pattaya Bay ever be the same? I doubt it.

Just one example but the list could continue for pages. Jomtien next? How is this high season going to end up? I think a disaster.

Pattaya Engineer