Why’d you change my number?



Our house telephone (038) was not working for a few days, so I went to T.O.T. to tell them. The next day we got a call from a technician, appears a telephone line down the road was burned. But he said our phone did work again, only with a different number! We had our phone number for over 10 years, always paid correctly. We have a long-time business here with advertising, signboards, business cards and many customers.

Of course, I went to T.O.T. several times to complain, but they could not change it back. No excuses, nothing, just accept the new number. Hell no! I’ve had enough with T.O.T. Is this the way to treat long-time customers? Just change the number if you can’t fix the problem?

No more T.O.T. for me, that’s for sure,

Have a nice day,