Shut down polluting boiler


Dear Sir,

Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel, formerly Royal Jomtien Hotel where 91 people died due to a fire in July 1997, are at it again. But this time they are aiming at many more victims, by poisoning the atmosphere around their hotel through their boilers/incinerators. We live behind the hotel and the prevailing wind blows the toxic smoke our way. For months we have complained about the thick black choking smoke from their boilers, finally forcing a visit to them last week by the City Hall Pollution Officer. We also wrote to the Environmental Agency in Bangkok, and spoke to hotel representatives, who promised the position would improve.

The latest information we have is that they are waiting for replacement parts from Germany. At first they said it would take up to 3 months, then changed it to 1 month. City Hall seem content to wait for the parts to arrive. Meantime, we are, slowly but surely, being poisoned by the smoke. Bearing in mind there are many young children in the area it would seem the hotel and the authorities are satisfied that hotel guests receive hot water at the expense of neighbourhood residents’ health and well being not to mention damage to the environment. We are requesting that this very old boiler contraption should be closed down, until spare parts arrive, or the thing should be replaced altogether.

We have been trying to see the mayor himself, without much success so far.