Why are you pickin on Langer?



Re: Just stop playing golf (Mailbag, Friday, 10 August 2012).

Hey Eddie, why are you pickin on Langer?  He was the victim. True enough he might have shown a little respect for the thieving sob who cleverly stole his watch but this is a so called prestigious club, not a bar, short time hotel or 9 hole pitch and putt and I for one, am sick and tired of being told by hotels, hospitals, golf clubs, etc., avoiding responsibility, that I should leave my “good stuff” at home. I didn’t buy it to leave it at home! I bought it to show off. If they are as high class as they advertise then they should provide security to prevent this type of theft.

And Mr. Holt, I have played at most of the top rated courses, including Pebble Beach, and disagree with you re: innate fairness. While true that some might deny responsibility, most would offer some form of retribution. One bought me a new set of clubs, including bag and balls, as mine was taken from outside the pro shop while I was buying some new shoes. I was/am not a big bucks guy and played there for the first time. I think boycotting support should be shown Mr. Langer and stay away from that course as there are plenty more.

Don Aleman

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