Understand your feelings



Re: Market rip-off (Mailbag Friday, 10 August 2012). I certainly understand your feelings. I purchased two containers of 1 liter milk from Friendship Supermarket along with other items. I took everything home, placed the milk in my refrigerator. The next morning when I wanted to add milk to my coffee, I removed the plastic top. Underneath the top there was another seal, which was already half way opened. This 2nd seal was a piece of plastic that was glued over the mouth of the bottle, but was partially removed. I took the milk back to friendship along with the receipt. The young Chinese looking guy wearing a ton of make-up looks me up and down, gives me a nasty look and tells me in a disrespectful way, that maybe I already drank the milk. I asked to speak with the manager. He said it is Songkran, no have manager and that he can make the decision. I didn’t argue with the guy, I just turned around and left the store. I rarely shop there now and never buy milk from them. I can respect the store’s no-return policy on items purchased, but the disrespectful way in which the guy looked at me and spoke can not be overlooked.

Frankie Dimes