Vegetarian dishes



Re: Eric Bahrt’s comments as to why can’t all restaurants serve vegetarian food all the time – for a restaurant to stock required ingredients for both Vegans and non-Vegans becomes a significant logistical problem.   Unless a restaurant has a very large customer turnover, there would probably be a considerable spoiling of food, especially since the vegetables must be fresh just about every day.  In any case, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants around in Thailand these days, so it really is not necessary that all restaurants cater to vegans.  And, most upscale restaurants do in fact have a vegetarian menu, case in point being Cabbages and Condoms in Pattaya which serves excellent vegetarian food.

I do find it interesting that so many vegetarian restaurants go to quite a bit of trouble to make some of their food look and taste like meat.

Eric, I’ve enjoyed your comments in the Pattaya Mail and Bangkok Post, and would like to meet you.  I am planning a trip to Pattaya end of this month, and will be having dinner with friends in C&C on the 30th.  If you’re free that evening, come around – hope to see you.

RL Holt

Chiang Mai


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