True lies



This past week, True Visions proved how little knowledge and care they have for their international sports fans.  Without warning, they pulled ASN from their lineup.  No words, no apologies, and the only way we found out was that on Saturday morning, Oct 1, it was gone, replaced with some useless, boring and probably very cheap thing called Trace Sports.

Several inquiries to the customer service staff revealed that yes, they had indeed stopped the service, have no plans to pick it back up, and have no plans to show NFL, NHL or any other of the sports programs previously shown on ASN, on any other of their multitude of soccer, pardon me, sports channels.

The cancellation of ASN prompted a furious outbreak of emails and phone calls, with many previously loyal True Visions customers either cancelling, or threatening to cancel their service.  Personally, I downgraded my service to the lowest possible, as I’d still like to have something to watch whilst looking for an alternative.  I’ve found a few, including a satellite service called JSat with a High Def sports package that looks like it might be worth investigating, and should any pan out, I, too, will cancel my True Visions subscription after 20 years of subscribing to them.

Meanwhile, perhaps we could convince Sophon Cable to pick up the ASN service?  Those with fast internet connections (unfortunately I’m not one of them, even though I pay for fast internet) can no doubt find live games on the internet.  Others will perhaps venture out to entertainment venues, such as the Haven on Soi 13, to watch North American sports there.

This truly is Amazing Thailand, but not in a good way.

Paul Millard