Undesirable spin off



Re: Jomtien Beach facelift 50% complete (PM Friday, 11 December 2015) – The Jomtien Beach Facelift has spawned an undesirable spin off. The new sidewalks and concrete promenade has encouraged rampant tailgate partying; including extensive drinking, drug consumption and selling, alcohol consumption & playing extremely loud music from boom box equipped Vans and 4WD pickup trucks.

The Jomtien hoi polloi are strutting their stuff at the intersection of Jomtien Beach Road and Soi 9. Spurred on by the convenient OVH lighting & the adjacent 2 Family Marts supplying unlimited amounts of beer, whiskey, lao khow & snacks and the inevitable food cart vendors anxious to make a few baht, the tailgate partiers have extended their hedonism from 8pm to 6am in undiminished volume and consumption.

While staying at a hotel across the street for 10 days, I got very little sleep at night. Many entreaties to the 1337 police complaint phone line yielded a nice Angkarit speaking lady, but little evidence of the erstwhile municipal police force.