Live fully until 80



Re: 3 dimensional thinking (PM Mailbag Friday, 18 December 2015) – Best to live fully until 80 because there is damn little able to be done from the eyeballs up or the waist down after 80. If you have not “done it” by then you will likely never do it anyway unless you are an accomplished liar.

Probably without meaning to, you are classifying one group of person (a third world person) as possessing “brute ignorance” when actually we are all born into ignorance. Also I am not of the opinion that anyone deserves to die more than another person from a disease that can be contained. In my opinion the “developed” world has demonstrated much more “brute ignorance.” So, the largest 20 economies (all of whom have birth control, or restrictions recently altered in China’s case) in the world produce 85% of the GDP and the remaining 175 countries should have ample access to birth control? If that happens, who takes care of the old people of 120?

Otherwise I agree with you.


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