There are many good people in Thailand


Dear Editor.

I am continually reading letters that give the Thai population bad press. Wherever you decide to live in the world you will find good and bad. My own experiences since a car accident left me handicapped two years ago continually show me the “good”. The latest example of this was a recent phone call followed by a surprise visit to my home in Banchang from members of the “Chonburi Independent Living Center”. Ongart Kaenthong and Olieng Choaguoy, who are both wheelchair bound and were transported to Banchang in a specially converted van belonging to the center. When I enquired how they came to find out about me, they advised me that they had seen me on the internet and had contacted me to enquire and see if they could be of any help to me.

Apparently the center offers all manner of assistance to the disabled and wheelchair bound, helping with home conversions, ramps and purchase of electric wheelchairs, etc. They were the first handicapped that I have come into contact with since my accident. Their visit was so very inspirational to me, spurring me on to gain strength and to try and get out more in the future.

I would publically like to thank the center for their enquiry into my wellbeing. This shows yet another example of the “good” that can be found here in Thailand.

Barry Hooper