Green efforts need more monitoring



Re: Green Pattaya Community cleans up Pratamnak Hill (PM Friday, 26 April 2013) – First, hats off to Green Pattaya Community for trying to solve one of Pattaya’s biggest problems – trash! However, as far as the recent Pratamnak clean-up efforts, I must, at least partially, dispute the details outlined. I was on Kasetsin Soi 1 that day and when I saw about 20 people walking down the street I stopped to see what was going on. There are three trash collection areas on the street, and the group basically walked down the center of the street without picking up any of the litter piled around the trash bins… and there is a lot of it due to the city trash collectors sloppy job!

In the organization’s defense, I guess, we have contacted the City Services hotline 6 times to have the rubbish around the bins picked up, and they have done nothing about it. So, despite the vacant promises of City Hall and the administration to clean up the city, nothing changes.

Again, thanks to Green Pattaya Community for bringing more effort to clean up the city. It is an admirable venture. I just wish someone had monitored the work done in this one instance.

John in Pattaya