Songkran non-reveler receives eye injuries


Dear Editor;

I would like to comment about Songkran activities that are dangerous and out of control. I went out for milk and cereal at 7:30 p.m. on the 19th on my motorbike thinking it would be safe from Songkran activities. I went to Big C on S. Pattaya Rd. and was met immediately by hordes of drunken people in the street blocking it and hitting bikers in the face with buckets of nasty water. I was also met with bikers on my side of the road coming at me as they found the road blocked at the entrance to Big C (which was closed) so I took a side road to Soi Batman. Mistake! I was caught there and hit repeatedly with huge buckets of water, etc., by drunk, angry people. Pattaya, have sanook (fun) but stop it at night; and stop hitting moving motorbikers in the face as you could seriously injure them. My eyes were injured.