Extended holiday leaves Jomtien beach a mess



Pattaya welcomes you to Jomtien, the garbage beach! We can provide you with as much trash as you can pick up. Plastic cups, plastic bags, bottles, polystyrene plates and anything else you can think of, in fact we have more than the 7-11s have.

This garbage problem comes in with the tide and it’s not going away to “Never-Never land” when the tide changes, it just comes back even worse on the next tide. Not only is it environmentally damaging to sea life it is also a serious health hazard to us. Whoever is responsible for the beaches must address this problem ASAP. Comparing the blue sea at Bangsaray to the dirty sea in Jomtien makes it look very much like we have a sewage dumping problem!

The least effort to solve some of the beach cleaning is an employed organized morning clean up team, every day, and investing some money in beach cleaning vehicles like other countries do, would make cleaning it even more efficient.