Something should be done about noisy South Pattaya Road



If noise, as doctors say, leads to heart attacks and stokes, then something should be done about all the noise in the South Pattaya Road area, one of the noisiest areas in Pattaya. It really takes more than ear plugs, tranquillizers, and intestinal fortitude to deal with all the racket.

The creation of two huge parking lots across the road from each other on South Pattaya Road is responsible for most the noise. One of the parking lots is in Wat Chaimongkol and the other on the athletic field of public School #8. The Wat lot takes care of the parking for noisy events on the school field, and the school athletic field takes care of the parking for Wat religious services. It’s somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. I might add that Wat Chaimongkol has now expanded its parking facility. There is now a 5 story parking garage. The fact that the city only allows parking on one side of South Pattaya Road leads to greater use of parking facilities. And add the 24/7 market with its accompanying all night music and you have pure bedlam.

I wouldn’t presume to know everything that needs to be done to make the South Pattaya Road area healthy once again. I do know that many people are moving into inner city areas and they deserve some peace and quiet. They are very tired of continual noisy performance. If it’s customary to let it all hang out (I don’t believe this is the case, I’ve spoken to many Thais and they are just as outraged as falangs) then I apologize for my remarks. I would just like to suggest that a lot of these noisy performances be kept under cover, and that loud speakers be confiscated if people don’t know to keep them under control. They are dangerous instruments in the wrong hands.

R. Standiford