Ignoring pedestrian crossing signals



As reading the article last week regarding the new signals I just have to comment. I hope this isn’t viewed as Thai bashing but I think the mayor and officials who came up with this bright idea should go out some nights and view for themselves – what a waste of money!

It is matter of time before someone is killed using these lights. I did an unofficial survey on several nights where these lights are placed and this is my conclusion. There are a number of signals on Beach Rd. but they are seldom used and when they do, most vehicles don’t stop for the pedestrians. The pedestrians are safer if they cross on their own rather than allowing the newly install signals to give them the right of way! On Second Rd, outside Central Festival to Pattaya Klang this long stretch has no signals and there are plenty of pedestrians that need to cross!

When at the signals I rarely see anyone, including Thais, using the signals and when they were used no one bothered to stop until the pedestrian was right in front of the vehicle. Luckily the pedestrian didn’t just assume they have the right away and looked, otherwise they would be dead.

As for motor scooter stopping the answer is of course NO! With vehicles driving so close to each other on several occasions I rode my motor scooter down Beach Rd., and on two occasions I was lucky to catch the red signal. On the first occasion when I stopped the car behind nearly hit me from behind and started to sound the car horn rudely! The second time the songthaw and motor scooters went around me and crossed the red signal nearly hitting the pedestrian.

All in all for the money and time that was spent no one ever uses the signal. To be honest it is safer to cross Beach Rd. the old way than use these signals. Using them is like putting yourself in the middle of a bullseye waiting to be run down! This is an accident waiting to happen!

The intentions were good, just like wanting to build the monorail, but I say save your money with all these bright ideas. Until you can fill a pothole that doesn’t need to be filled again the next day, I say save your money! Otherwise I suggest the mayor and the officials go out one night without all the cameras and try crossing at these pedestrian signals. But before that please appoint a replacement!

Jeff Chumunci