Smoking and the law



Like many others I detest nanny government. It has taken a lot of the joy out of life and has led to an increase of juvenile drug taking, internet abuse, mobile phone abuse and other anti-social behaviour, but I was astonished to read Arturo’s letter (10/1) in which he claims to dislike people who want to enforce the law. Presumably he would not mind being hit by a drunken motorist ignoring the law!

Arturo displays an utter contempt for others who have to suffer the misery and harm inflicted by his foul smelling habit and it has to be pointed out that any government has a primary duty to protect its citizens. Hence the only satisfactory outcome is for all smoking to be prohibited in public. It is interesting that the Philippines, hardly a nanny state, has already several non-smoking cities.

How about it City Hall; why not make Pattaya the first non-smoking city in Thailand?

Michael Nightingale