Haunted Westerner


Dear Editor,

Re: Farang conceit (PM Mailbag Friday, 10 January 2014) – The comment of Mr. Barry Kenyon is rather disconcerting but probably sent by someone with a wife or girlfriend strongly connected to the party in the street since two months.

More surprising as it is generated by a westerner who, in his mother country, would complain without compromises a behavior like that.

I am not in favour of yellow, red, black or blue shirts but I would like to see in Thailand a true democracy in full respect of popular sovereignty and a respectable opposition.

Do you really believe that Thai people, politicians or government officers are listening critics, suggestions or advices of westerners living in Thailand? Forget it. They never read any letter or comment published in the local newspaper. They simply go their own way. I cannot forget what happened three years ago with 90 deaths, hundreds of injured and millions in damage. Is that you want Mr. Kenyon?

I suggest the sender of the email to start reading carefully the recent book of Tom Tuohi “Watching The Thais”. He will learn a lot on mentality and attitude of Thai society.

Also should be useful to have a look to the 2 articles posted on Pattaya Mail of January 10th Political Unrest; and Tourism Ministry on page 11.

Finally, the appellation of the archaic word pompous is totally not suitable to my first email. The word means on a grand scale, ostentation, showy, magniloquent, all attributes unsuited to a plain observer. Not my case.

Kind Regards,

Concerned Farang