Re: Helping Sarocha



Re: Helping Sarocha (PM Friday, 13 July 2012). This is a great outcome for this young woman and I sincerely hope things get even better for her.

Nothing is ever mentioned of the silent majority of people who take the rearing and education of children sired by falangs and deserted. You may say the mother was (bad), but you can’t cast the sins of the mother onto the child.

Over 20 years I have assisted many of these children and at present I have reared a young person for the last 8 years. I only pray that I live long enough to see him reach manhood and reach his full potential. His birth certificate gives his fathers surname as German. If this man had done the moral thing this child could have had a chance.

I am happy for the girl in your story and am not looking for a pat on the back for my actions, so I will not use my own email address or name.

Bryan Patrick