Jet ski problem continues



I just witnessed 2 groups of tourists, 1st group from India and 2nd group from China, got surrounded in Ho Lan island, near Pattaya on July 16th 2012. There were at least 20 thugs surrounding them. These tourists come with their family and children. This is very bad for tourism for Pattaya and Ho Lan. It is even worst in Ho Lan as they are in an island by itself. A police station such as tourist police should be set up in that area. I will go back and spread the news and ask people not to come to these tourist locations again. (I) feel bad for the 2 tourist groups. This is not acceptable to allow criminals to operate in these tourist sites. It is only going to hurt other legit businesses. It brings a bad name to Thailand. The mayor must do something about it such as completely shut down jet ski rental.

Mr. Wan