Officials had a week to prepare



Re: Pattaya reels as Vamco leaves a path of destruction (PM Thursday, 17 September 2015) – (Officials) had at least a week’s warning to prepare and minimize the damage and flooding. I would have had all storm drains subject to blocking vacuumed out, brought equipment/materials to safe zones east of the urban area, secured more/larger pumps, had highway heavy cement dividers placed at vulnerable locations and a host of other measures rather then, pretty much, just saying “Look out its coming”!

They have some sort of Mitigation/Prevention agency and one can only wonder what they prevent & mitigate.

Furthermore, as pointed out by John Guru, this was never a simple, garden variety renovation as none on sea shores are. So, real professional planners, not neighborhood gardeners should have engineered the program start to finish. Now, more millions/billions literally down the drain and no one accepts responsibility!

Don Aleman