Not a comfortable feeling



Re: Indonesia must be firm in facing Australia’s threats: Law expert (PM Saturday, 21 February 2015) – It’s not a comfortable feeling for a country of 23 million, having a country of 200 million, mainly Islamic people on their doorstep. When Indonesia annexed Dutch West New Guinea they named it Irianjaya. It is rumored that Australia is named South Irianjaya on their military maps.

Rather than help with Australia’s refugee problem they aided the people smugglers and Indonesia became the jumping off point with their open door policy. I cannot condone drug smugglers. My own son died of an over dose. But I also cannot condone the taking of a human life.

Australia has a no capital punishment policy and will not extradite alleged criminals to any country who has a death policy.

The Australian Federal Police erred when they were warned of the importation of drugs “out” of Indonesia. Thinking to pick up some brownie points, they advised the Indonesian police and the 9 mules were arrested. When 2 of these are executed, the AFP will have blood on their hands. They could have waited and had these people arrested and jailed in a civilized country.

With their double standards the ring leaders of the Bali nightclub bombing were tried and allowed to walk away. Together with many other nationalities, 80 Australians died.

Indonesia is not a 3rd world country, yet we give them aid. After the tsunami, we came up with 1 billion dollars in aid. Today’s newspapers report of anti Australian demonstrations in Banda Aceh, the province that received the bulk of aid. I’m glad I don’t live in Darwin.

Bryan O’Shea