Hi Pattaya Mail;

I have lived in Jomtien for 14 years and have truly never been so amazed as I was to note that outside the Jomtien fruit and veg market where there has always been flooding whenever there has been any heavy rain, even when new drains were installed in Soi 5 some years ago, that was ignored, suddenly something is being done – Hallelujah!

Please give whoever in City Hall thought of actually fixing the problem a huge bonus and perhaps even promotion if they are not already at the top of ladder.

Perhaps he could actually get the long winded ‘sometimes’ work on the huge holes and disgusting state of the sidewalks in Thappraya Road going down from the traffic lights at the Pratamnak junction also sorted. Oops, perhaps that’s asking for too much all at the same time, better give it another few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Thailand and particularly in Jomtien. I wish I had moved here 24 years ago instead of just 14.