Noise beyond all reason


Dear Editor;

Please, some help from someone. No one in this day and age should have to tolerate the abhorrent racket emitted at a decibel level that surely exceeds limitations, from a bar at the extension of Soi Jerapon, just off Soi Buakaow. Is it called Korat? With the large signs out front of deer with antlers.

In the still of night when one is trying (in vain) to get the rest we all need for our health, we are kept awake until at least 4 a.m., and often much later.

No apparent effort has been made to contain the noise, and the structure is questionable to say the least. How could it possibly be approved?

We have tried calling 1337, so many times, all to no avail. It must be for show only.

Why is this bar allowed to contravene laws, that so many others abide by? It begs other questions: who owns it? Is it a case of when money talks the truth is silent?

Maybe someone can enlighten us as to whether these rogue bars are warned, then warned again, and at the 3rd warning fined 2,000 baht. What a joke. Then simply open up again under a different name, and/or owner, only to repeat the actions.

We have endeavored to combat the din, with ear plugs, or double glazing, and closing up all door and windows, without success.

Again PLEASE, who can we turn to for help? No one suggests closing the place, just act responsibly, and consider others, hundreds in fact.

Thank you,