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Re: Holds little hope from the Pattaya Police (PM Mailbag Friday, 04 October 2013) – After over a year of going to see the officer in charge of my case (and never received a call from him) I basically gave up on anything being done about arresting this woman, even though he had her name, address, Thai ID card number, bank account details and more. I’m still wondering why she is not in jail. I would look for her every time I walked Beach Road. Then one day there she was again, sitting and talking to an elderly man. Not quite sure it was her, I walked past then came back. She recognized me and raced across the road and disappeared into Mike Shopping Mall. Lost her.

Then a couple of hours later a woman that looked like her walked toward me. Some of the cloths were different and the hair cut short. I grabbed her arm and called for the police but by the time one arrived, I was not certain so let her go. I regret that now, as I know it was her, and she is still on the streets drugging others.

I saved one man that day but she could take a life one day. These 2 men and a number of recent druggings in Pattaya have prompted me to write this in the hope she and others are stopped.

Murray Greenfield