No water!



I have lived in this particular area since 2006, in Nongprue in a village called Fah Mi Add Kan, just off Siam Country Club Road. Since moving here what is disturbing is how often the water seems to be cut off, not just for hours but for days. The only time it doesn’t seem to be cut off is during Songkran.

I can understand if there is a breakage in a pipe which in this area seems to happen often, but then there are times it is just shut off for no apparent reason. Through the years I have added two reserve tanks, 2500 liters each, with a pump which allows me and my family to have some mental comfort when the water is turned off.  At times we don’t even know it is turn off until we hear from the other Thai neighbors that they don’t have water.

This weekend (Queen’s Birthday) takes the cake! The water was turned off again without any real notice, just rumors. The water was turned off since Wednesday and by Friday I had noticed that the tanks were empty. I had to search and buy water from a supplier and when the truck arrived the neighbors came out and I could see they were at a breaking point even for Thais. Since I’m a little better off than my neighbors I told the water truck driver after filling up my house tanks to provide my neighbors also with some water.

The next day, again I had the tanks filled since the rumors throughout the area was no one knew exactly when it will be turned on again. Do to so many complaints someone decided to call the Fire Department to come to the neighborhood to provide free water to everyone. I would like to thank the individual at the water department who made this great decision, but whoever is running this department for this area should be tarred and feathered!  This has gone on much too long and something has to be done since the person seems to have a total disregard for people suffering year after year, having the water turned off for no apparent reason. Fix the problem or give the damn job to someone who can!

Jeff Chumuchi