Management takes no responsibility – what a copout



These golfers who have been writing letters in response to Jerry Langer (Mailbag: Locker Room Thief) can harp all over him for losing his expensive watch at Khao Kheow if they want to. That’s up to them and their conscience … but if you read between the lines, he does have at least a point to consider.  If people, anywhere, feel they can steal with impunity, things are only going to get worse.

I have no way of knowing what response the management gave the guy, but if it were me and my business, I’d want to be able to assure all guests that even though we have big signs posted, you are still safe from thieves on our property.  Putting up signs like that is basically a copout, basically saying, if you leave something in your locker, we have so little faith in the people we employ that chances are it will get stolen, so better not leave anything valuable in there.

Again, I don’t know what their response was, but if it were me, I would have at least responded with something like, “We’ve launched an investigation into this event.  We’ve questioned the people who were working that day and at that time.  We assure you that in no way do we want our customers to think that we feel it is ok for our employees to steal anything out of the lockers in our clubhouse.  If indeed the watch was stolen, we will do our best to bring the culprit to justice.  If, on the other hand, the watch was lost on out on the golf course, we will send people out to look for it and be sure to let you know immediately should any of our caddies or any other golfer turns it into the lost and found. – The Management.”

Paul Millard