No refund for noisy condo


Dear Editor,

I’ve been a part time resident in Jomtien for several years now and last August I decided to upgrade my accommodation, either that or quit Thailand altogether now that the exchange rate for the THB against the GBP has dropped so disastrously.

I went to an agent in Jomtien where a very helpful lady showed me two properties. The first apartment was too inconveniently situated for me to take; the second one was at on Beach Road, Jomtien. It looked to be a very nice condo for 15,000 baht a month. Spacious and with a big balcony; I decided there and then to take it.

I was coming near to the end of my stay at that time in Jomtien (the end of August) and I was desperate to move; I paid a year’s rent in advance because I have quite a few possessions out there and I wanted to get them installed before I had to fly back to the UK. I was only there for 4 days at that time. I did notice a loud humming noise from time to time but didn’t think too much of it.

When I returned for my Xmas holiday on Dec. 7th, I was soon made aware of the full impact of the electrical humming noise and the vibrations in the condo; the reason being that it’s over a restaurant and it’s either their extractor fan or air con that’s causing the noise pollution and vibration problem. I contacted the letting agent, who assured me that something would be done to improve my situation; nothing was done. I even wrote to the owners asking for 5,000 baht a month rebate as compensation for this serious problem. My enjoyment of the property has been greatly diminished due to it. I heard nothing back from the owners.

This nuisance has affected me so badly that I’ve cut my holiday short and returned to the freezing cold UK at a big financial loss to myself. I’m also bringing my possessions back to the UK as I’ve now had enough of the ‘land of false smiles.’

What these people have done by not informing me of the nuisance in this condo before I took it, would be illegal in the UK and I could seek redress against them through the law. But because it’s Thailand and I’m only a gullible ‘farang’, they can get away with it. I paid 180,000 THB rent in advance in good faith, plus 15,000 THB ‘security check’, and all I’ve got for it is a place to store a few belongings. The condo (room 9) is unfit for human habitation as long as this noise pollution problem is left unattended to.

Philip Fletcher