Another company to boycott


Dear Editor:

Although it’s common to accuse animal rights activists of exaggerating about what goes on in animal research labs, believe me when I say I couldn’t exaggerate if I wanted to. I just received an email from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about the animal atrocities Lipton tea is now engaging in. The experiments include the following:

* Putting rabbits on extremely high cholesterol diets to harden their arteries and then giving them tea to see if it affects the lesions in their arteries. The rabbits then have their heads cut off.

* Breeding mice to suffer from painful bowel inflammation and then giving them ingredients of tea to see if it affects their condition. The mice are then killed by suffocation or neck breaking.

* Another experiment involves cutting apart the intestines of pigs while they are alive. And much, much more.

I have been actively involved in successful boycotts of other companies which experimented on animals and I’m sure we’ll eventually have the same success with Lipton. The only question is how many more innocent animals will needlessly suffer before Lipton comes to its senses.

Eric Bahrt