No life worth more than another



Re: Something needs to be done (PM Mailbag Friday, 27 September 2013) – I do agree that the stray dogs need to be de-sexed and moved to a shelter. Regular de-sexing and movement of these animals to a shelter will effectively deal with the problem and make the roads safer. In fact an effort by Pattaya City Hall will require much work only for the first six months as the problem diminishes in time due to de-sexing. This helps both humans and dogs.

The dogs cannot be wished away or cast aside as trash since I don’t for one moment subscribe to the view that an animal’s life is less important than a human’s or vice versa. Life is important no matter human or animals. I sympathize with the writer and am sorry that the accident occurred. It’s not an easy time and something does need to be done about strays. However – to say that human life is more precious than animals is bizarre. Being up the food change does not magically bestow on anyone a right to treat animals with disdain.

Mark Hawkes