Done in by loud gambling?



As reported last week a Soi Buakaow bar owner and his clients were arrested and face court charged with gambling. It is alleged this entrepreneur set up a gambling den in the rear of the bar where clients watched horse racing live from Australia and wagered on the outcome.

What could have bought him down could have been a mob of Aussies (?) screaming like a mob of English football fans on a quiet morning.

There is nothing complicated with this setup. Anyone with access to a computer can open an account with Tats Lotto in Australia and gamble on a number of lotteries, etc. To use his account, I presume you paid an inflated price to use his account and a % of the win. Maybe a bad loser dobbed him in to the police. I wonder what became of the ß27,000 confiscated? (Donation for Policemen Ball)

Tonight I expect to win 21 million AU$ for an outlay of $9.00. Yes I know, but I will live the dream. Perhaps next week will be my week, but you have to be in it to win it. So far this month I have had 2 big wins. $22.00 &15.00 for an outlay of $100.00 (I Know). There will be no shouting when I collect my ß550000000.00. It will be credited to my bank and can be transferred to Kasithbklam (Swift No.). There will be no free beer but I will be frog marched to the Rahn Sue Tong. Lets hope I have not let the cat out of the bag and there is a loud knock on my door by a policeman wheeling a barrow!

Aussie Bill