More on Aussie beaches



Re: Bondi mirrors Phuket (PM Mailbag Friday, 02 January 2015) – Today 7/1 at a beach north of Sydney, bathers ran for cover as a 2 meter King Brown Snake emerged from the breakers and slithered up the sand to hide in the dunes. These reptiles are not known to take to salt water and it is thought perhaps he spotted some crabs near the water and decided on a seafood lunch, only to be caught by a large incoming wave.

This snake is a cousin to the Australian Inland Taipan the world’s most venomous snake. (One bite contains enough venom to kill 100 persons.) Compared to him the Thai Cobra is a sissy.

So if sharks, crocks, marine stingers, boxfish, stingrays and now snakes don’t scare you, don your cossies and enjoy a dip in the clean environment. Avoid the warm yellow water surrounding your neighbour.

Bryan O’Shea