Meat eaters out number vegetarians



Although I’ve read my share of wacko letters to the editor, Bill Hunter’s (“In Response to Eric Bahrt”, June l0) should be framed and put into the museum of Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

He writes meat-eaters out number vegetarians by a ratio of millions to one. Wow! In America, for example, over 3% of Americans say they are vegetarians while 10% say they are “near vegetarians”. How did a ratio of 30 to 1 or 10 to 1 become a ratio of millions to 1?

I’m sure if Bill was alive in the l4th century he would have laughed at the minority of people who said the world was round.

He also called vegetarians Eric’s “compatriots”. Compatriots refers to people who come from the same country and it has nothing to do with diet.


Steve Gordon