A giant step for humankind



A Peruvian proverb states: “Little by little, one walks far.”

My newscaster of choice is Sorayut Suthasana who always asks penetrating questions that go beyond routine programmed responses.

Last week, expecting yet another stale self-serving politician to say what he or she wants us to hear, I was delightfully surprised to inhale a breath of fresh air during the life-affirming interview with Nitcharee Penekchanasak and her loving parents. Nong Nunt lost both of her legs in a Singapore mass transit accident, but she has lost none of her indomitable spirit and contagious enthusiasm for life. Her glowing smile and sunny disposition have served as a bright and shining example to those of us who give up too easily, yielding to painful tragedy with self-indulgent pity. Holding it together instead of falling apart – that’s true courageous strength of character to keep going on, trying again tomorrow. Negative mindsets filled with shame, guilt, grief and depression can only be reversed with a positive energy commitment to plan, to believe, to act, to dream and to follow your heart and gutsy savvy intuition.

An inspiration to one and all, this wise beyond her years 15-year-old is determined to serve as a positive role model, refusing to let anyone tell her what she can’t do, intent on pursuing her personal dream to help others as an enabling psychiatrist and supportive guidance counsellor. Lessons to be learned from this delightfully sincere and open role model are to choose to be a victor rather than a victim and to never, never, never give up, content to be who you are, say what you feel and have the courage to face the truth honestly and honourably, doing the right thing because it is right.

Success is determined by a can do, will do spunky attitude, taking calculated risks and doing what unsuccessful losers don’t dare to even attempt. The only limits to overcoming challenges are self-imposed. We must rely on our inner fortitude, focusing on successfully winning by confronting fear, inspiring others to give more, hope more, dream more, do more and become more.

Dr. Chanchai Prasertson