It’s that quadrennial time again



April is the time to pack up and head out of Thailand. This is the month of Songkran. A time to stay away from entertainment areas and head to your wife’s village where you will be assaulted with a “sprinkle” of water and a dab of powder.

This year June is the time to stay away from the bars, etc., as it is the time for the World Cup (soccer). I can not see myself attempting to enjoy a quiet (?) drink while grown men wearing their teams jerseys with their hero’s number on the back shout and scream at a TV screen & calling the referee all sorts of names. How lucky am I that my ancestor stole that loaf of bread and was transported to the colonies. Else I may have inherited the mind set of the “bulldog breed”.

Now I must own up to being a hypocrite. Wednesday the 18th is the “state of Origin” Rugby League game and I will stay in and watch it alone. No screaming at the telly. (Except at half time, when the ads seem endless.) I could head off to one of the Aussie bars here but there are some Aussies who never made the transition and still have the herd mentality. (Looks like the song “I’ll never walk alone” does not apply to me.)

Bill Neal