Hopefully his letter will have some effect



Re: An open letter to the ambassadors of nations represented in Thailand and the international media (PM Mailbag Friday, 20 June 2014) – This man is one of the most respected businessmen in Bangkok. Arriving in Thailand aged 14 & educated at Bangkok’s International School, at age 17 he entered the advertising business and ventured on to other fields.

In 1978 he borrowed $1200 and started Minor International Pcl. This company is now one of the largest hospitality & leisure companies in South East Asia. Off shoots of this company include Minor Food, Minor Fashions and about 30 other companies. Book a hotel room, eat a doughnut, or buy your wife new lipstick, he figures in it somewhere.

Minor group employs thousands of Thais, and its associated companies thousands more. (Not to mention those in other countries.) It is in his best interest and those of his shareholders to paint a pretty picture of Thailand. Over the last 6 months things have been grim in the tourist industry and hopefully his letter will have some effect on governments warning their citizens of the dangers that may exist. However, like you Bill, they also have a “duty of care”.

Best wishes to you and I wish that carpet had been a 2-seater.

Bryan Patricks