Home grown fruit is best



Re: ‘Bread, Wine, Chocolate’ makes environmental issues tasty (PM Friday, 01 January 2016) – I know what is like to be vision impaired. I had cataracts removed last year and multi-vision lenses inserted in both eyes. Very costly!

My wife does our shopping and the oranges cost ß60 for 11. A hand of bananas (Small Lady Fingers) cost ß30 for 18. Supermarkets would not stock fruit like these & prefer to display the large imported polished ones at an inflated price.

Apples are available also & grown in Thailand. Usually small but last week she arrived home with one the size of a baseball, ß20. I wouldn’t swear it was local & maybe came from China.

I prefer the taste of home grown fruit to that which has been in cold storage for a long time and tends to lose its flavor.

Sorry Philip but both the apples & oranges have pips.

Bryan O’Shea