Him goes to market



Re: Pattaya students, teachers told to boost English skills for AEC (PM Friday, 25 December 2015) – I can assure you, that having visited Laos many times and Cambodia twice, that those countries have a vastly better ESL capability than does Thailand. I’ve been told by Expats that the Thai Govt’s decision to severely restrict Farang ESL teachers is a prime cause of the lack of English proficiency in Thailand. My experience is that a significant portion of the Thai public can read and write English relatively fluently, but can not speak English very well. My Thai GF was a prime example. She can read and write English at a very good level, but can not conjugate verbs in the spoken language. I often tell her to just speak English like she writes it. Doesn’t seem to compute. I insist she stop saying “Him” instead of “He” … as in Him goes to market …