Get motorbikes off the pavement


Dear Editor;

It has come to light at last, now that a young lady has been knocked down on the pavement by a motorbike. The motorbike drivers in Thailand think they have the right to drive and park on the pavement, drive against oncoming traffic, and drive without a license, that’s why they have no driving sense.

The times I have walked into town and had a motorbike coming towards me on the pavement and they look at you to say I’m in the wrong for being on the pavement. I hope now all police take stronger action against these mindless people.

If the police don’t have the resources to catch these drivers why don’t they ask the pedestrians to take photos showing the time, date and number plate and send or take to the police station so they can take action, then we would all be a lot safer on the pavement and roads.

UK Ian