From USA, not UK



To clarify some points concerning my April 3rd comment on the inflated baht value, first of all, my name ‘Hyde Parke’ could make one think I am from the UK. No, I am from the USA, and here for nearly 15 years. Not for bragging, but for clarification.

I am lucky that the baht could do much more strengthening before I would leave, so the minimum of 65,000 per month is not germane to me at all, as I do 3 times that. It is the obvious principle of government tampering that riles me, and IS hurting the less fortunate ex-pats.

Also, I have never kept more than 125,000 in my bank ever, and only for a few days, so I am amazed at this bit about 800,000. Not needed unless monthly income is low.

There will be a ‘due bill’ if this manipulation is not stopped now. I appreciate the many thoughtful comments and wish you all choke dee.

Hyde Parke