End of Ramadan beginning of mayhem


Dear Editor;

During the Holy Month of Ramadan South Pattaya in particular became a very quiet area and it was possible to walk down Soi VC with ease. Now the Arabian/Middle Eastern tourists have returned in their droves, making walking down Soi VC nigh impossible as these guys roar down the soi without any respect for other users, pedestrian or otherwise. They treat the soi as their own Brands Hatch, revving up their engines and beeping their horns continually and having no respect for traffic laws.

From early evening to early morning they can be heard thundering around, disturbing all and sundry with their screaming and yelling and revving, etc. The other disturbing aspect is that not one of these young, and they are young guys, wear a helmet or their pillion passengers, which I am led to believe is a contravention of traffic laws.

Calls to City Hall Complaints Department has borne no fruit whatsoever and all it would need is for a couple of police officers to come up Soi VC and they would make a fortune in traffic fines, but so far no sight nor sound of the officers of the law. I believe that it is going to take a serious road accident or even death for someone in City Hall to take notice, so what is the use of contacting them when our complaints are just ignored!

City Hall and the police please take notice and do something to reduce the chaos we residents are currently undergoing around this area and other areas where these guys hang around.

I hold my breath in anticipation.

A very concerned Ex-Pat Resident

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