Some encouraging signs for non-smokers



There are some very encouraging signs pointing to an ultimately almost smoke free Pattaya. Students found smoking in school will now be sent for re-education. This in itself is a good move provided that it is not seen as a punishment but as a programme to help them to be better citizens. It is to be hoped that the ‘camps’ will not conflict with their education.

Some beach areas are now ‘non-smoking’ and again this is, per se, a good move but one wonders whether it would not be better to have the entire beach as non-smoking with small enclaves designated for smokers.

Smoking near another person is a form of assault essentially no different from punching someone but because of its long standing entrenchment smokers can do it with impunity. This has to be brought to an end but only authorities can do this otherwise there would be unpleasant confrontations. In the meantime nonsmokers should certainly make known their revulsion to second hand smoke.

It is very important that smokers who wish to give up should have access to the best possible advice and treatment. Giving up smoking is very difficult as Dr Corness reminded us in his article on smoking. There is an abundance of clinics in Pattaya offering treatment from anything from a frozen shoulder to gastric reflux but I have yet to see one which specializes in helping smokers or even offers any treatment for smokers.

There are techniques and herbs which can be very helpful. Large amounts of vitamin C for example, is a great help as it not only replaces the vitamin lost through smoking but also helps to subdue cravings for nicotine. Perhaps a small subsidy would persuade some clinics to offer anti-smoking treatments.

Dr M. Nightingale